Positive displacement lobes pumps

Positive displacement lobes pumps

Description and working principle

Lobe pumps mainly consist of a pump body and two synchronized rotors (two, three or more normal "lobes" or "hammer lobes). When turning the cavities between the rotors and the pump room will continuously increase and decrease and create a suction effect. Depending on the sense of rotation, the product is then transported from the suction to the discharge. The product will not be damaged, so lobe pumps are typically used for "sensitive" liquids, usually in the food industry, but also others. They are nearly always made of stainless steel and built to the strictest standards (EHEDG, FDA, 3A ,...), clean "CIP" and sterilization (SIP). To the smallest details such pumps are designed to meet the most stringent standards of hygiene. They should be, depending on the application, both horizontally and vertically installed.




Food, pharma, chemistry, ...

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