Plastic diaphragm valves

Plastic diaphragm valves

Description and working principle

PRAHER is specialized in the production of"high performance" plastic industrial equipment in various fields of competence. Manual and automated valves, pipes, fittings and accessories for industrial piping systems. PRAHER PLASTICS offers different materials for different applications, depending on temperature pressure and fluids transported, our customers can choose between PVC-C, PVC-V, PP and PVDF. The pressure-temperature load capacity is of great importance for optimal operation of a plastic valve. The nominal pressure of thermoplastic valve bodies is generally determined for water at a temperature of 20°C and for a service life of 25 years. It must be taken into account that the higher the temperature the lower the maximum operating pressure, and that not only the medium transported, but also the ambient conditions of the piping system have an influence on the pressure load. ISO 9001ff standard.

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PRAHER develops functional plastic parts and assemblies for customers in the chemical, water treatment, filtration, food and mechanical industries.

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