Dynamic Fast Mixer

Dynamic Fast Mixer

Description and working principle

The SL series are agitators equipped with direct drive motors - 700 / 900 / 1400 rpm. Equipped with "marine" type turbines, these units are available in either 304 or 316 stainless steel or covered with rubber, PVC, Halar,... They are suitable for turbulent mixtures or dissolutions in small tanks and low viscosity products. Because of the fast speeds, dry rotation is totally prohibited for this type of agitator. We prefer the SL type model, which is equipped as standard with an additional landing gearbox, which gives it more rigidity and a longer service life. They are also available in food grade versions, suitable for paints, single-phase or three-phase, etc. Clamp versions are available for installation at the edge of the tank. They are simple and inexpensive devices.


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Water, air conditioning, washing plant, environment, surface treatment, swimming pool & ponds, food processing, paper and cellulose, storage and transfer, sugar refineries, nuclear, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical,...

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