Dynamic Slow Mixer

Dynamic Slow Mixer

Description and working principle

Slow mixers of type MR are equipped with inclined 4-blade impellers (standard one or two impellers). They are simple and robust agitators available in stainless steel 304 - 316 or covered with ebonite, PVC, Halar,... They are driven by a hollow shaft geared motor. Suitable for simple blends for low and medium viscosities, they can mix capacities up to 10 m³. For mixing containers of viscous products, an "umbrella" version (foldable propeller) is developed for narrow openings. They can have a landing box. Depending on the application, many options are available.


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Water, boiler circulation and heat transfer fluid, air conditioning, washing plant, environment, surface treatment, swimming pool & ponds, safety, food industry, paper and cellulose, storage and transfer, insulation, sugar refineries, nuclear, chemical, petrochemical, pharmacy,...

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