Dynamic Mixer

Dynamic Mixer

Description and working principle

A family of industrial agitators made to order and according to the applications. Different materials are used: steel, stainless steel 304,316 or exotic alloys. They can be coated with PVC, ebonite, halar, ECTFE,... The turbines are profiled according to the desired mixer type. These agitators are equipped with standard or reinforced bearing housings. Various options are available: single or double mechanical seal, tank bottom bearing or toad,... The geared motors are of coaxial or orthogonal type. ATEX version if necessary. Fixed or adjustable speed: mechanically or via frequency inverter. They are agitators that meet the requirements of many classic industrial and water treatment applications.


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Water, washing plant, environment, surface treatment, food processing, paper and cellulose, storage and transfer, sugar factories, nuclear, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical,...

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