Side channel air & gas pump

Side channel air & gas pump

Description and working principle

The principle of the lateral channel, which has been used for a long time in pumps for liquids, has been applied for compressors and vacuum pumps for specific applications. Using this principle, we have designed a series of MohP suction blower pumps with very high reliability. The ring blowers consist of a radial impeller with radial blades rotating in one half of the hollow ring forming the pump body. The second half of this ring, the lateral channel, is connected to the suction and discharge ports. When the impeller rotates, the air in the chambers formed by the vanes is projected outwards while being compressed by centrifugal force. This compressed air then passes through the side channel and enters a new chamber. During its helical movement through the channel and the chambers formed by the fins, the air undergoes multi-stage compression. The design principle of these machines never makes contact between the rotor and the stator of the pump. This friction-free, wear-free and lubrication-free operation ensures zero maintenance.


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Side channel blower and suction motors are suitable for a wide variety of applications for conveying air or gas on machines requiring relatively high pressures. The fields of application are: pneumatic transport, water purification, aquarium oxygenation, air supply to industrial furnaces, agriculture, splashing and agitation of products, filtration, conditioning, industrial vacuum cleaner, computers,...

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