Positive displacement vanes pumps

Positive displacement vanes pumps

Description and working principle

Sliding Vane pumps are especially suitable for pumping petroleum products and derivatives, sovents. Besides stationary setups, they are also highly suitable for mounting on trucks. The operating principle is based on “floating divisions” in a rotor that rotates eccentrically in the pump body. Changing spaces between these divisions ensure the delivery and suction effect. The plates slide in and out of the rotor but remain permanently in close contact with the pump body due to three forces: centrifugal (their own weight), hydraulics (pressure return system), mechanical forces (thrust pins). Wear of the divisions has no effect on the high efficiency of these pumps. All vane pumps have a built-in bypass. They are quite compact and very easy to maintain. Self-priming. Durable. Standard available in cast iron.


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Oil and solvent industy, tanktransport.