Centrifugal submersible pump

Centrifugal submersible pumps

Description and working principle

They are single-cell centrifugal pumps with different types of impellers (vortex, multi-channel, grinding, double open channel,...). Their power can be up to 350kW. They are available in Atex version up to 50kW. These pumps are equipped with double mechanical seal in an oil bath. Depending on the desired installation, we can supply pumps in transportable version or with seat feet and guide bars, in fixed version on a tripod. The motors are in IP68. These pumps are suitable for clean or highly charged fluids. Some models are supplied with a suction strainer. The power supply can be 220V single-phase for small models and 3 x 230V 400V 500V and 400/690V for larger models (50-60Hz).

Depending on the type of fluid, we adapt the pump construction with different types of materials: aluminium, bronze, duplex, cast iron or even some polyurethane coatings. Some models can withstand fluid pumping at 90°C for a few minutes. Different types of protection probes are available depending on demand.


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Heavy sediment contaminated water, seawater, river raw water,...

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