Positive displacement dosing pumps

Positive displacement dosing pumps

Description and working principle

SEYBERT & RAHIER at Immenhausen (Germany) manufactures metering pumps since at least 60 years. The program includes both electromagnetic and mechanical plunger or diaphragm dosing pumps with or without hydraulic power. There are several special designs with double membranes, metal membranes, built-in overpressure protection, leak detection, remote analog or digital, ... Pumpheads in the most diverse types of steel or plastic for the most diverse products. For very viscous products we recommend, however, to use a prograssive-cavity pump as a metering pump, either with a motovariator of via a frequency control. Albin's peristaltic pumps can also be used for these difficult applications


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Water treatment, food industry (flavouring, colouring), chemicals, ...

Our providers for this type of pumps

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